Important information on visa application

      Visa processing time:All visa applicants are strongly advised to apply at least 5-10 working days in advance of their anticipated travel, especially during holiday seasons. Approved applicants will be told when they may pick up their passports. The minimum visa processing time is two working days.

     Visa Application and Collection hours:

          For visa application: Monday to Friday (except Embassy’s holidays): 09.15am-11.30am only.
          For visa collection: Monday to Friday (except Embassy’s holidays): 02.00pm-03.00 pm only.

        The Consular Section is not able to provide same-day visa service.

       The Royal Thai Embassy accepts only cash in Singapore dollars in exact amount.   (See: Visa fees)


Electronic Visa Application

From 1 February 2017, the Royal Thai Embassy, Singapore will introduce Electronic Visa Application (EVA), where visa applicants will be able to fill out application forms, submit and check application status online.  

  • Electronic Visa application allows applicants to apply for visa by logging into the website via personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Applicants are encouraged to use electronic visa application.
  • The applicant will have to register as a new user with an email address to enable him or her to have an account with this visa online  platform.
  • This account can be created only once by each individual. Travel agencies can also have a single account and use it to apply for visa for their customers.
  • In order to create the first-time account, that person has to generate a password, which will assist him or her to always log in as a prevention measure to prevent the invasion of personal accounts or personal information.
  • The applicant would then be required to complete the online application form and submit required documents online.
  • After the online application is completed, the applicant will be able to check his or her application status.
  • Once the status indicated “Reviewed”, the applicants will need to bring the completed and duly signed physical copy of the visa application form together with his or her passport, to be submitted at the Royal Thai Embassy.
  • Most applicants require to present 1 Visa Application Form and 1 photograph, except nationalities of certain countries (Detail:
  • The applicant is also requested to submit the application in person.
  • Once the applicant submits all required documents along with the visa payment, the visa can be obtained in the afternoon of the next business day (from 14.00 -15.00 hrs).  
  • Important technical information for filling online visa application can be referred at the “HELP” section on the online application website.  
  • If  applicant has any trouble using the online visa application, please contact [email protected]