History of the Royal Anthem of Thailand

The Royal Anthem was created to honour His Majesty the King of Thailand. The origin of this musical piece could be dated back to 1871 when His Majesty King Chulalongkorn (RAMA V) visited Singapore and the British Military band played "God Save the Queen" to welcome His Majesty. On the same trip, His Majesty traveled further to Battavia (Java in Indonesia) where the Dutch inquired what music should be played to welcome him.

Thus, on his return to Siam, His Majesty instructed his classical Thai song masters to create the music to be used in royal welcoming ceremonies. The musicians chose the Sarasern Phabarami which was written in the reign of King Rama I. However, realizing that Thai traditional music could not be easily arranged to be played by the western marching band and having been impressed with the God Save the Queen, His Majesty asked Mr. Hevutzen, a band instructor at the Royal Thai Calvary, to compose a musical piece of similar style.

Keeping in mind both the English work and the Sarasern Phabarami, Mr Hevutzen blended the styles and themes of the two pieces together and the result was the song which had been used ever since as the Royal Anthem. The lyrics were written by His Royal Highness Prince Narisaranuwadtiwong. And the music was later arranged for four voices.

The words of the Royal Anthem were later modified upon the command of King Vajiravudh (King Rama VI) and have since remained unchanged.


We, subjects of Our Excellent Lord,

bend our heads and minds in deepest homage

to Your Majesty whose merits are boundless

Great Descendent of the Celestial Line,

Sovereign Monarch of Siam,

may your greatness extend in time.

Your bounteous care shelters our heads.

Your merits harbour us in happiness.

May every hope in Your Majesty's heart

be realized in every way

as in this loyal wish to our Sovereign King.

Chaiyo (Bravo) 

Unofficial translation by Khungying (Dama) Chamnongsi Rutnin