Registration of Marriage

For Marriage Registration under Thai laws at the Embassy,please prepare documents listed as follows:

 1.     For Thai nationals;

1.1              1 copy of your Thai Passport

1.2              1 copy of Thai Identification Card 

1.3              House Registration

1.4              1 copy of your Work Permit / PR or any identification card in Singapore

1.5             (1 copy of Divorce Certificate, if any)

 2.     For foreigners ;

2.1              1 copy of your Fiance’s Passport

2.2             Marriage Status Certificate from Fiance’s nationality country

2.3             1 copy of Fiance's Work Pass PR or any identification card in Singapore

2.4             (1 copy of Divorce Certificate, if applicalde)

2.5             All documents from 2.1-2.4 have to be legalized and certified from the authority

concerned. (The foreign Embassy or Consulate General in Singapore) and translated from English to Thai.

If the documents are in the third language, they are required to be translated to English first

and then translated to Thai.   More information click hear  

3.     For witness;

3.1              2 Thai witnesses are required

3.2             1 copy of Thai passport of each witness

3.3             1 copy of Thai Identification Card of each witness

Download application clikc here 

If you have the above required documents ready, please contact the Embassy to  make an appointment 2 weeks in advance to do the Marriage Certification.


Please visit the Embassy, Counter 1,  personally with the above mentioned documents from Monday – Friday, 9.15-11.30 hrs.

For further information, please contact Ms. Pornpimol at 6737-2158 ext 664.